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Last updated 10.8.16

Twin City Idlers Show & Shine Photos

NEW ---> The Twin City Idlers photo gallery is hosted by Flickr. Here is a link to sign up for your own Flickr account. It is free, and Flickr members can comment on photos, mark them as favorites, tag people in the photos, message other members, as well as organize and share their own shots. Idlers are encouraged to upload the pictures you take to share with all. Once you start, it is easy to do.

Make sure to check out the Idlers Update page for Monthly Events.

===> 2016 Show and Shine Video  <===

Photos:  David
Video Production: Ian Gleadle
Music:  So Devine by Vegaenduro


October 1st, Trick or Treat Month…well, I think it is both.  Our cars are for sure Trick…and yes they are a Treat to Drive.  We’ve had a Great Summer, put on a Great Car Show and had some Great Cruises.  We plan to carry this on through the Fall and Winter as well.  At last week’s meeting, we picked up 2 more members too.  We welcome back Mark Allan who was in the Idlers when it started up again back in 2002, and Steve Knowles who is new to the Twin City Idlers, please join me in welcoming them both to the club.

At our September meeting, we started the fun process of giving $Money$ away back to our community.  We split $6000 up between the Stanwood Senior Center, Stanwood Food Bank, Camano Senior Center, and the Stanwood-Camano Resource Center with each one of them receiving checks for $1500 and we’re not done yet.  We’ve got another $5000 plus to give away through the Holidays as we have always done in the past.  Good Job Idlers! It is always cool when people come up to you and say how cool the Idlers are for giving back the way we do.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m Proud to be a member of and associated with the Twin City Idlers.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me they want to be part of the Calendar Committee.  If you’re interested in helping out to put a 2017 Twin City Idler cruise/event calendar together, please let me know or bring your ideas to the next club meeting.

We have our October monthly lunch cruises set up for Tuesday the 11th and Saturday the 29th.  I’m thinking that on the 11th to stay local and having a shop tour at my shop after lunch.  If anybody is interested in doing the same for the 29th, please let me know and we can do it again at the end of the month.  If we can get this to catch on, this could be something we could do through the fall and winter months by visiting TCI member’s shops.

Don’t forget the 4PM Saturday cruise to the Dairy Queen and that the time changes to 3PM when we turn the clocks back. There is a group of us that meet up for lunch every Friday at the Stanwood Café at 11:30 as well.  If you’re out and about, stop by and have lunch or if you’re a Saturday morning early bird, stop in for Breakfast at the Stanwood Café as well.  We order at 7AM and out of there around 8.  You are all welcome to stop at either of these.

Remember, smokem’ if you can, and it’s ok if you can’t… just keep on looking good as you always do!!  Hope to see you on the road and be sure to wave when we pass.

All the Best,


Les Anderson




2016 Club dues are now being accepted. They are due Jan 1, 2016 - you can either mail them in to Twin City Idlers - P.O. Box 906 - Stanwood, WA 98292 or you can pay them at the club meetings which are currently held at the Stanwood Camano Resource Center.  Make sure you fill out a form so that we have current phone numbers and correct info on your car(s). Club dues are $20.00.

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